The Fantastic Fourcast Episode 1!

It’s a podcast 57 years in the making! It’s.. The Fantastic Fourcast! Face front, True Believers, because hosts Cory Strode (yes, he’s on another one) & Adam Vermillion (yeah, that pizza & comics guy) are here to take you on a monthly journey that ranges from Central City to the Negative Zone to Latveria (and maybe Counter Earth) and back.

Every 30 days the guys will talk about four issues of Marvel’s First Family! Cory’s a long time reader and font of knowledge. Adam… is not. At least not about the FF.

In this episode!

The book that started it all:  Fantastic Four 1!

Where else would the Skrulls be from?  Tales of Suspense?

It’s a miracle you made it through this issue.  Oh look, a flying car.

The return of Namor: The Submariner! Imperius Rex! Wait… what’s that even mean!? Dammit, Stan.

So there you have it, kids.  The first (of many, somebody pay us) episodes to come where Cory  & Adam give you a “DVD Commentary” to the book that launched the Marvel Universe as we know and love it!

Four Issues! Four Weeks! For… YOU!

Thanks for listening!

Cory & Adam