The Fantastic FourCast Episode 3!

Cory!! & Adam are back with Episode 3 of the Fantastic FourCast! Four issues every four weeks… supposedly.  Hopefully.  OK, we’re bad at deadlines.

In this episode we go over Issues 9 – 12 of Marvel’s First Family like the comic book experts they claim to be!  The Fantastic Four go bankrupt and have to make a movie for Namor the Sub-Mariner! Doctor Doom learns how to switch bodies with Reed Richards! The first appearance of The Impossible Man! The Fantastic Four meet the Incredible Hulk! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby show up! Cory!! Doesn’t stop praising Jack Kirby’s art! Adam isn’t a big fan of The Impossible Man! 

All of it for you, the listener!

Reed shouldn’t invest in the stock market.

The first Evil Reed, is he The Maker now?

Poppupans.  Adam hates Poppupans!

One of the most copied.  Um, sorry Homaged, covers in comics history!